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Dispute Resolution

Complaints, queries, and difficulties are to be directed to our Customer Support Department on the following email: [email protected].

The Customer Support Department will do its best to provide the customer with a reply or solution within 48 hours from the customer’s query or complaint. In any case, however, the outcome of the complaint will be communicated within a maximum of ten days from receipt of the complaint. In exceptional circumstances wherein we feel that adequate resolution of the complaint requires further investigation, NewEra BV may extend the timeframe by a further ten days. We shall inform you about this delay within the first ten days of receipt of the complaint. In that case, we will also inform you about the process, and possibly also put forward the necessary requests as deemed necessary.

If the client believes that his complaint has not been handled satisfactorily and would like to appeal against NewEra BV’s handling of the complaint, he may refer the dispute to the Designated Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) entity (also referred to as ‘the ADR’). The ADR will examine the circumstances of the dispute in order to decide the outcome thereof.  The designated ADR entity provides impartial ADR services for disputes that have arisen between players and NewEra BV, as the B2C operator in this case. The ADR has been authorized by the Curacao Gaming Commission.In order to avail oneself of this service, the player will need to adhere to the following guidelines:

a. the player needs to first ensure that he has tried to resolve the dispute via NewEra BV’s internal complaints procedure (as per section 8.1 above). It is only once this attempt has not been fruitful that the ADR entity will take into consideration any ADR dispute form submitted by a player; 

b. players may only resort to assistance from the ADR if the dispute is not being or has not been handled by another ADR service provider, regulator, or court. The ADR reserves the right to refuse any submission for review of a dispute if it deems the latter to have been submitted to a third party, or if it considers such request to be frivolous, vexatious, or does not relate to the outcome of a gambling transaction (example, betting result, application of bonus offers, misleading terms and conditions, or account management). It may also refuse to consider the dispute if in doing so, the effective operation of the ADR would have been seriously impaired, or if it feels that either of the parties has attempted to intimidate, threaten or exert undue external pressure on the ADR process. A reply informing the parties that the ADR’s refusal to deal with the dispute will be provided within three weeks of submission of request;

c. Once the Designated ADR tackles the dispute, the ADR’s outcome is considered to be a binding decision vis-à-vis both the player and NewEra BV. This therefore means that players may only seek further legal and judicial recourse in regards to matters allowed by applicable law. Such circumstances usually include, for instance, situations where the ADR has acted in a serious manner contrary to the rules of impartiality and equity according to law and such action has thereby prejudiced the player’s rights. It is however being made clear that the procedure before an ADR entity does not restrict the player’s right to bring proceedings against NewEra BV in any court of competent jurisdiction;

d. With the exception of when a claim falls outside the competence of the jurisdiction of the Small Claims Tribunal in Curacao, NewEra BV may offer the player recourse to a form of non-binding dispute resolution, including mediation. At that stage, the player would also need to be informed of the necessary recourse to obtain a binding decision. For the purposes of clarity, claims of more than € 5,000 fall outside the competence of the jurisdiction of the Small Claims Tribunal in Curacao.

e. submission of a request for assistance from the ADR is to be submitted within one year from the conclusion of NewEra BV’s review of the complaint;

f. submissions to the ADR are to take place by means of the online ADR Dispute Form, accessible on the following link:;

g. once the matter has been referred to the ADR, NewEra BV will not be replying to any player’s correspondence. Any communication will be channeled through the Designated ADR.

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